ReservationRewards - Reservation Rewards shady business

Atlanta, Georgia 1 comment

Apparently when i bought a book from Barnes and i was offered this free $15 coupon on my next purchase if i signed up with them.i didn't give any bank or credit info but i guess you cant buy anything online safely anymore.

i don't remember any mention of a monthly fee for these "Rewards" but there it was out of my account this morning $12 so this "Free $15 coupon" is only worth $3. What kind of reward is that?

They wouldn't give me a refund either.I've warned a lot of people today about this and will continue to spread the word.



Dear Consumer: protects its reputation and monitors the blogosphere to ensure information posted on our company is truthful and accurate and to identify opportunities to assist our members. Through this monitoring, we found your comments posted here about our membership program, Reservation Rewards.

We would like to address your concerns we don't know who you are. If you are unhappy with your Reservation Rewards membership and want to cancel it or receive a refund of the membership fees, please contact us at 800-732-7031 or via email at subscription or have any questions . We will be happy to help you.


Mary O'Reilly

Webloyalty Consumer Affairs

Reservation Rewards

ReservationRewards - Charged me for services I did not sign up for.

West Linn, Oregon 0 comments
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I purchased flowers @ in May 2007.Since then a company called reservationrewards in Norwalk, CT has been charging my credit card $10 a month for coupons.

Somehow reservationrewards hi-jacked my name, address & credit card data from my purchase. I have been charged $160.00 to date for a service I did not sign up for. I noticed the charges and assumed they were for booking flights with my frequent flier miles and did not pay attention after that until today (my fault). I am so furious and want my money back.

I called the company and canceled without much hassle, But it remains to be seen if my credit card will be charges again.

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ReservationRewards - Debit card charged $10.00 for no reason

Spring, Texas 1 comment
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I have been charged $10.00 on my debit card and i have not ordered nothing from this reservationreward ***.I want my money put back on my debit card.The date mt card was charged on was jan,26th 2008.I have no idea of this company.They are a bunch of rip off fraud.I'm turning them in.I have read so many complaints on this $10.00 charge from other inocent people as i am.Why can't people do anything honest in this world anymore?I pray they have to pay back everyone they have cheated double the amount.

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Ventnor City, New Jersey, United States #5226

rip off whay

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